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Wild Weather App Combines Forecasts With Hand-Drawn Animations

by Joseph
Wild Weather

Wild Weather

One of the things the internet and the smartphone revolution have given people is a seemingly infinite variety of ways to get information about the weather. Given that that’s the case, why not introduce a little bit of aesthetic appreciation into your forecast consumption? With the Wild Weather app, you can.

Lots of weather apps claim to offer visually pleasing forecasts and info, but few if any go to the lengths that Wild Weather does, with its hand-drawn animated illustrations that reflect whatever the forecasted conditions are in a much more pleasant way than the usual stock image of rain on glass or clouds in the sky. It’s nice, and might give you an added incentive to check the weather on a regular basis, which is good if you often find yourself stranded without weather-appropriate clothing from time to time.

Hand-drawn illustrations don’t come cheap, so Wild Weather will cost you $2 at the App Store here.

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