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Wiener Rover: RC Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

by Joseph
Wiener Rover

Wiener Rover

If you have kids, you’ve probably spent at least a little bit of time trying to find them the perfect gift for the holidays this year. Well, look no more, because the RC Oscar Mayer Wienermobile¬†Wiener Rover is here.

Based on the legendary hot dog-shaped vehicle that is its namesake, the Wiener Rover is like a long, tubular, balogna-esque answer to the iconic Hess Truck. Unlike the Hess Truck, though, this RC Wienermobile is built to fulfill a practical purpose, in addition to its obvious playtime applications – its hot dog fuselage opens up to reveal a compartment perfect for transporting actual hot dogs!

Also unlike the Hess Truck, the Oscar Mayer Wiener Rover and its “Mini” equivalent are being let go in limited quantities through the brand’s Twitter account, which you can check out here. Hot dogs, alas, don’t seem to be included with the $25 purchase price, but those things aren’t too hard to whip up on your own.

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