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Wieden & Kennedy’s Formerly Lost First Nike Ads Resurface (Video)

by Joseph
First Wieden & Kennedy Nike Ads

Nike Commercial 82

You’ve probably heard of the occasional “lost film,” but did you know TV commercials can be lost, too? That was the case with the first-ever Nike commercials produced by the brand’s longtime advertising firm Wieden & Kennedy back in 1982, but now the ads have resurfaced and made it to YouTube for advertising buffs to enjoy at last.

The commercials themselves aren’t really that great, especially compared to the iconic Nike campaigns that would follow. But their historical significance is impressive, especially considering that the relationship between Wieden & Kennedy and Nike continues into the present day. Even Nike’s iconic slogan “Just Do It,” which came about a few years after these commercials, was a product of Wieden & Kennedy.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can watch the two-minute block of previously lost Nike commercials by Wieden & Kennedy below. The quality isn’t the best, but just think of the history.

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