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Whopper Toothpaste: “Keep your Mouth Whopper Fresh” (Video)

by Joseph
Whopper Toothpaste

Whopper Toothpaste

It’s no secret that fast food franchises in the US are currently tripping all over themselves trying to come up with ever more ridiculous promotional gimmicks. And if Whopper Toothpaste from Burger King turns out to be a real product and not just a premature April Fool’s Day prank, we may have stumbled upon the Holy Grail of absurd fast food promotions.

You might think the idea of Whopper Toothpaste is disgusting enough on its own, but in a new commercial for the product Burger King takes an even more revolting approach to the material, offering it as a practical substitute for going days after eating a Whopper without brushing your teeth, in order to retain the taste of the burger in your mouth. Yikes.

Whether Whopper Toothpaste turns out to be an actual product or just a joke for a commercial, the commercial is well worth a watch and a chuckle below. And for more hygiene and cheeseburger related products, head over to the official BK site right here.

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