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“White/Cement” Air Jordan III Retro ’88

by Joseph

Air Jordan III Retro ’88 white cement

The Air Jordan III Retro ’88 sneakers in the “White/Cement” colorway are a throwback not just to 1988, the year of the original Air Jordan III, but also to 1994, when the White/Cement colorway was last seen on a pair of Nike Air sneakers.

It’s a solid sneaker for fans of Nike and Air Jordan’s golden age, but even some hardcore sneaker fans are balking at the $200 asking price.

It’s a great shoe for nostalgia purposes and one that holds up today, but is it worth $200? Nike will have to wait until the shoe’s (rumored) February release date to know for sure if they’ve crossed the line in terms of pricing. Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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