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WhiteAlbum: The Photo Album Experience in App Form

by Joseph


With more photos being taken now than in any other point in history, there’s been a surprising market demand for new photo technologies that replicate some of the more limited aspects of photography of the past. The latest service to cash in on that demand is WhiteAlbum, a photo app that lets you take 24 pictures per “album” and you don’t see what you have until 4″ x 5″ prints are shipped back to you, just like the old days of getting a roll of film developed.

While many would probably scoff at paying $20 for an album of prints they haven’t even seen, a select few will almost certainly be into the service provided by WhiteAlbum, even if just for novelty’s sake. And if it ends up making you appreciate your photos more, or take more time to take better photos, then so be it – your memories will thank you.

Besides, $20 is about what it used to cost to buy a disposable camera and get the film developed, and this way you don’t have to drive out to any photo place or anything. And the app itself, which you can get here, is free.

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