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White Sanded Island In The Bahamas Now For Sale

by Joseph


Great news if any of the current islands under your ownership are starting to look a little shabby – you can now purchase the White Sanded Island located in the tropical paradise of the Central Bahamas.

For just $85 million, you can own this 38-acre island, which houses a lot more than just white sands. There are also five different housing structures, including a lavish manor house offering sweeping views, the beach cottage, a house for the harbormaster and the twin guest cottages.

In addition to those features, the island also includes a fitness center, entertainment building, separate club style dining, infinity pool, helipad, jogging and bike paths, a charming chapel built of hand cut stone, a working lighthouse, deep draft docks, and an extended dock for anything from smaller vessels to seaplanes. I bet you don’t own too many islands that can compete with that!

If you’re still interested in adding this island to your collection, you can find out more information on how to purchase this property by clicking here.


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