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‘White Rabbit Project’ Features the Returning ‘Mythbusters’ Build Team

by Joseph
White Rabbit Project

White Rabbit Project

Kari Byron. Tory Belleci. Grant Imahara. To a certain subset of television watchers, those names are as iconic as any in the field of cable TV, making up as they do the “M7 Build Team” from Mythbusters, responsible for constructing many of the gadgets and devices used to bust myths on that popular program. Now they’re back, with the White Rabbit Project, coming to Netflix later this year. 

As befitting the trio’s cult popularity among frequent internet users, White Rabbit Project will focus on myths borne out of the internet (hence the “rabbit” hole alluded to by the title), and the show’s vibe has already been reportedly described as “Mythbusters in Wonderland.”

White Rabbit Project was announced at Dragon Con over the weekend, and you can expect to see it on a Netflix account near you starting on December 9th, 2016. Of course, you’re reading this on the internet, so you shouldn’t totally believe it until you’ve observed it empirically.

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