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White Mountaineering Outerwear For Spring/Summer 2013

by Joseph

white mountaineering spring summer 13

Clothing brand White Mountaineering have unveiled their upcoming collection of outerwear for the spring and summer seasons of next year. As always, the collection represents an intriguing blend of fashion, function, and technology.

Highlights include the Gore-Tex 3-Layer Dungaree Jacket, the Gore-Tex 3-Layer Plain Coat, the Cotton Linen Stripe Mixgarment Jacket, the Geometric Pattern Jacquard Luggage Lapel Jacket and the Chambray Hunter Track Jacket, just to name a few.

And good news for White Mountaineering fans: The whole collection will be available from select retailers soon, in time for spring of 2013. Hopefully you’ll be able to stand the wait, because it should be well worth it in the end.

You can check out the entire White Mountaineering 2013 Spring/Summer collection by clicking here.

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