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Whiskey Wedge From Corkcicle: Chills Without Watering Down

by Joseph
Whiskey Wedge

Whiskey Wedge

Whether or not one puts their whiskey on ice is one of the great divides among whiskey enthusiasts. Those on the pro side say that chilled whiskey is superior in flavor and texture to other temperatures, but those on the anti side suggest that the inevitable watering down that occurs due to melting ice cubes is an unacceptable trade-off. The Whiskey Wedge, contrary to its name, might just bring both these camps together.

The Whiskey Wedge does earn its name from its shape: It’s literally a wedge of ice that melts slowly and chills your whiskey more effectively. It’s born by filling a silicone mold (that fits right into the included glass, but could probably fit in other whiskey glasses as well) with water and freezing it. Then, you pull out the mold, pour in the whiskey, and you have a brand new, supposedly superior way to drink it chilled.

The Whiskey Wedge kit, which includes the silicone mold and the whiskey glass, goes for $14.95 from the Corkcicle online store here.

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