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Whiskey Island: Famous Prohibition Hideout For Sale

by Joseph
Whiskey Island

Whiskey Island

The Prohibition era is one of the most romantic in American history, but even by that standard the story of Whiskey Island is pretty exciting. It’s a 3.1-acre island located in the southwestern end of the Thousand Islands of New York, and was used by bootleggers in the 20s and 30s as a way to smuggle booze into the States from Canada.

Like an alcoholic version of some James Bond villain‘s tropical lair, Whiskey Island is now for sale for the low low price of $3 million greenbacks. Of course, for that much money you’re not just getting a historically fascinating island, but an eight-bedroom house, guest cottage, and a lot more.

You can see all of Whiskey Island’s treasures at the island’s real estate listing at Vladi Private Islands right here. And if you find any bloodstains on the floor at your new digs, uh, just ignore those, they’re fine.

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