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The Whisker Dam Protects Your Mustache From Beer

by Joseph
Whisker Dam

Cool dudes often ironically refer to their mustaches as “flavor savers,” but in truth it can actually be kind of annoying when a beverage sloshes up against your mustache. That’s especially true when the beverage in question is a rich, frothy beer, which is why the Whisker Dam is an essential tool for mustachioed beer drinkers all over the world.

The Whisker Dam fits over a pint glass in such a way that protects even the bushiest of mustaches from wave after wave of beer on its way to your mouth, keeping it high and dry as God intended. Each Whisker Dam is made from copper by hand without any harmful coatings involved, so it can serve as an amusing novelty or an indispensable tool depending on how important keeping your mustache dry is to you.

You can see a few photos of the Whisker Dam in the gallery below. And to buy, head over to the product website here, where it’s priced at $20.

Here are the photos:

Whisker DamWhisker DamWhisker DamWhisker Dam

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