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‘Where’s Warhol?’: Children’s Book Parody Features Andy Warhol

by Joseph
Where's Warhol?

Where's Warhol?

One of Andy Warhol‘s obsessions as an artist was turning himself into a mass-produced commodity, so it’s only appropriate that he’s been posthumously transformed into a Where’s Waldo? parody. The only surprise, really, is that it took so long for Where’s Warhol?, from authors Catherine Ingram and Andrew Rae, to exist.

Where’s Warhol? is illustrated in the familiar Where’s Waldo? style, but with Andy Warhol hiding in plain sight among various iconic art history milieus, ranging from Michelangelo completing his work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel on down to more modern moments that Andy Warhol could well have witnessed in real life. The book is also packed with illustrations of other famous faces from the depicted eras, so you can look for whoever you please if you don’t care for Warhol.

The book doesn’t come out until May 3rd, but you can pre-order Where’s Warhol? by Catherine Ingram and Andrew Rae from Amazon right here for just under $14 as of this writing (prices tend to change a lot on Amazon).

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