Home Entertainment ‘Where’s Wallace?’: Game Crosses ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with ‘The Wire’

‘Where’s Wallace?’: Game Crosses ‘Where’s Waldo?’ with ‘The Wire’

by Joseph
Where's Wallace?

Where's Wallace?

New from culture website The Ringer is an internet game that combines two perennial favorites, The Wire and Where’s Waldo? In a title so thuddingly obvious I can’t believe it’s taken this long for it to become a reality, the name of this game is Where’s Wallace?

Despite the title, Where’s Wallace? requires players to search for a multitude of characters from Bodymore, Murderland before they can search for its titular (and hopefully still living) hero. The game was created by Shea Serrano and illustrated by Brenna Thummler, so you can go ahead and blame them for the rest of your afternoon disappearing as a result of this game.

If you’ve got an afternoon to kill, though, you can check out Where’s Wallace? right here. Or, alternatively, you might want to brush up with a Wire rewatch on HBO or Amazon Prime first, since this game is pretty damn difficult.

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