Home Entertainment ‘Where’s Waldo? 360’: VR ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Variant (Video)

‘Where’s Waldo? 360’: VR ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Variant (Video)

by Joseph
Where's Waldo? 360

Where's Waldo? 360

I guess Where’s Waldo? is just kind of floating in the air these days.  Last fall there was Where’s Wookiee?, and earlier this month we had Where’s Warhol? Now, we have the inevitable virtual reality version of the famous franchise, entitled Where’s Waldo? 360.

Where’s Waldo? 360 is a pretty cool use of the sometimes-pointless virtual reality format because it gives the viewer something to look for — in this case, naturally, that something is Waldo, who’s hiding in a variety of crowded beach side locales, which has been his modus operandi for decades now and not something he’s likely to change just because we have virtual reality.

You can check out Where’s Waldo? 360 for yourself below. It’s the product of Corridor Digital, who proudly state that it was made 100% with GoPro cameras and Kolor software, and you can check out more cool stuff from them at their official YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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