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‘Where to Drink Coffee’: An “Insider’s Guide”

by Joseph
Where to Drink Coffee

Where to Drink Coffee

Finding a good coffee spot – not too crowded, cool atmosphere, drinkable coffee, good menu options, good seating, no more than one open mic night per month, etc – can be a lot more difficult than it seems. After all, there’s a reason people get so attached to their favored coffee shops. Now, authors Liz Clayton and Avidan Ross are releasing Where to Drink Coffee, an expert-assisted “insider’s guide” to the best coffee all around the world.

My opinions on open mic nights notwithstanding, Where to Drink Coffee is focused almost exclusively on coffee itself, and thus covers not just coffee shops but more unexpected places you can find good java: Even a video store and an auto mechanic’s get included. The book was written with input from 150 coffee experts and professionals, with a total of 600 spots spread across 50 countries profiled.

Check out Where to Drink Coffee at Amazon right here, where pre-orders are currently priced at a little bit under $20 – book ships in November.

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