Home Entertainment ‘When the Evil Smiles’ Supercut Showcases Villainous Grins (Video)

‘When the Evil Smiles’ Supercut Showcases Villainous Grins (Video)

by Joseph
When the Evil Smiles

When the Evil Smiles

Society generally tells us that evil things will lead to bad, unpleasant emotions: Sadness, loneliness, anger, and so on. But why is it, then, that the bad guys always seem to be enjoying themselves so much? That’s the implicit question posed by When the Evil Smiles, a new supercut from Semih Okmn.

Soundtracked by the world’s greatest villain, Barry Manilow, When the Evil Smiles shows all of our favorite movie bad guys in their happiest moments, when they just have to smile and/or laugh maniacally. It might make you want to quit your day job and enter a life of crime, at least before you remember how most of these movies end (Amy Dunne ends up doing OK, though).

You can watch When the Evil Smiles below, provided you don’t mind spending a couple of minutes with the worst scum and villainy of all time, and also the people in the video (that’s another Manilow joke). And for more cool movie stuff from Semih Okmn, you can browse through his Vimeo account right here.

Here’s the video:


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