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‘What Pet Should I Get?’: New Dr. Seuss Book Gets Release Date

by Joseph
What Pet Should I Get

What Pet Should I Get

You’re never too old to appreciate Dr. Seuss, the greatest children’s book author of all time. Since the good doctor died back in 1991, we’ve all been left to his legendary back catalog, with death putting an understandable kibosh on his writing output. But now, unpublished manuscripts found by Seuss’ widow in late 2013 are finally getting published, with the first one being What Pet Should I Get?

Random House Children’s Books will be publishing the new Seuss joint, which is (I’m just guessing here) about a child trying to decide on a pet. There will probably be some gentle anti-authoritarianism involved, as well as some rhyming with made-up words.

What Pet Should I Get? will hit bookshelves and the floors of messy kids’ rooms everywhere on July 28th. According to the recent report in USA Today (you can read it here), there were two more manuscripts discovered at the same time, so we’ll be seeing even more new Dr. Seuss books after this one – it’s like he’s Tupac or something.

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