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‘WHAT I’M DANCING ABOUT’ Starring Ian Eastwood (Video)

by Joseph


Ian Eastwood is a professional dancer on a mission to make dancing a more mainstream form of entertainment, and to help him he’s enlisted the help of filmmaker Tim Nackashi (and a sponsorship from Ray-Ban) for WHAT I’M DANCING ABOUT, a short film that (among other things) showcases the dancer’s skills with a cool lightning-fast shot-reverse-shot alternating effect.

That effect is probably the most memorable thing about WHAT I’M DANCING ABOUT, but the movie is also a nice documentary look at Eastwood’s creative process, which evidently includes getting inspiration from Road Runner cartoons.

You can watch WHAT I’M DANCING ABOUT below. And if you like it, the least you could do is check out Ian Eastwood’s official YouTube channel right hereat least until you see him on the big screen “in a movie that doesn’t have anything to do with dancing,” as is his ultimate goal.

Here’s the video:

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