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Whaletone Royal Digital Piano

by Joseph
Whaletone Royal Digital

Whaletone Royal Digital

If you’re in the market for a six-figure digital piano that can fill a stadium with sound or be played silently with plugged-in headphones, the Whaletone Royal Digital is probably your best bet.

The Whaletone Royal Digital piano is the company’s largest model, clocking in at 13 by 8 feet. And despite its elegant (and customized to your specifications) design, there are no conventional musical components to be found inside. Its sounds are all created digitally, and the piano boasts multiple MIDI input/outputs, USB connectivity, the aforementioned headphone jack, and much, much more. Here’s a taste, straight from the Whaletone website, which may give you an idea of what to expect from a $100,000+ fake piano:

“Whaletone Royal is our largest model for real connoisseurs of unrestricted and bold solutions. Its grandeur fully reflects the idea of unrestricted freedom and liberty which is so close both for Whaletone brand and for each musician. The use of its scale was the basis for construction of an instrument captivating with its strength and gentleness – with no compromise, where the form of the grand piano is freed and its design fully used.”

If you really want to purchase a Whaletone Royal Digital piano, you can do so from the Whaletone site here, where you can also just read a lot more info on the product and dream.

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