Home Entertainment ‘Westworld: The Maze’ Interactive Amazon Alexa Game (Video)

‘Westworld: The Maze’ Interactive Amazon Alexa Game (Video)

by Joseph
Westworld: The Maze

Westworld: The Maze

It appears that we have ourselves a genuine trend in the form of interactive audio adventures for Amazon Alexa. The last one I remember was that disappointing Pac-Man outing, but now I see we have one based on a slightly more relevant franchise: The HBO original series Westworld. It’s called Westworld: The Maze. 

Westworld: The Maze uses players’ knowledge of the Westworld mythos to navigate a, uh, maze of some kind … look, I haven’t seen the show yet, OK? And I don’t remember any mazes in the Yul Brynner movie. Hopefully, whatever the game is about, it won’t lead to Alexa becoming self-aware and getting depressed.

Take a look at a mysterious, spooky trailer for Westworld: The Maze below. And to access the game, just fire up whatever the closest Alexa enabled device to you is, ask it about Westworld, and hopefully the rest will become clear — which is exactly what they say about the HBO show, too.

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