Home Entertainment ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Super Bowl Trailer (Video)

‘Westworld’ Season 2 Super Bowl Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Westworld Season 2

Westworld Season 2

The Monday Super Bowl trailer rundown continues with Westworld season 2, a trailer for which graced TV screens last night and is now on the internet for ketchup’s sake. And even if you missed the first season of the show, you might be interested in the trailer’s score, an orchestral cover of Kanye West’s “Runaway” by Ramin Djawadi, the series’ composer.

The Westworld season 2 Super Bowl trailer was directed by Jonathan Nolan, and features some revolutionary rumblings as Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton revolt to burn down the old Westworld and build a new one – maybe a Futureworld? That might be wishful thinking on my part as a Futureworld fan from way back, though.

Take a look at the Super Bowl trailer for Westworld season 2 below. As for the show itself, it, uh, moseys onto HBO on April 22, 2018, so stay tuned for more stuff in advance of that date.

Here’s the trailer:


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