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Wemo: Slap Bracelets for Notes and Memos

by Joseph


Hey, remember slap bracelets? Like a recent college graduate coming home for Christmas, they’re back, but a little more practical. A new brand called¬†Wemo¬†is essentially an old-fashioned slap bracelet but with the added functionality of being able to take notes and memos.

It’s nice to think that human life has not been so invaded by smartphones that a good old-fashioned note pad – albeit one that fastens to your wrist like a slap bracelet – still has enough market initiative to exist. And there are several different varieties of Wemo bracelet, like ones with rulers and grid patters printed on them, in addition to the blanks.

Wemo appears to be in the conceptual stage for now, but the product’s official site claims that an official product launch is coming soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to that official site right here for more info – or I guess you could just make a note of it.

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