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Weltevree Groundfridge Underground Refrigerator (Video)

by Joseph
Weltevree Groundfridge

Weltevree Groundfridge

You may be perfectly happy with your current refrigerator, but it has a few undeniable limitations, you have to admit: For one, you can’t crawl in there and hang out, unless you have a walk-in job.  And even if you do, it probably isn’t underground. Enter the Weltevree Groundfridge.

The Weltevree Groundfridge has the storage space of 12 typical refrigerators, and as its name and the photo above suggests, it’s designed to go right in the ground. It can maintain a constant temperature of 50 degrees, making it a modern equivalent to the old-time tradition of the root cellar, and if need be you can chill out in there with your herbs until the heat dies down. Also, it kind of looks like something you might see on Middle Earth, or wherever the Teletubbies hang out, so that’s a plus.

You can have your own Weltevree Groundfridge starting at ten grand.  And for more information, check out Weltevree’s official site here, or just watch the introductory video below.


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