Home Entertainment “Welcome Home”: Spike Jonze Directs FKA Twigs for Apple HomePod (Video)

“Welcome Home”: Spike Jonze Directs FKA Twigs for Apple HomePod (Video)

by Joseph
Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Bad news for art-damaged counterculturists who want to completely ignore commercials from massive corporations: Apple has enlisted Spike Jonze and FKA Twigs for a piece that bridges the gap between short film and advertisement for their new voice controlled HomePod. It’s called “Welcome Home.”

I’m actually pretty annoyed at how cool “Welcome Home” is. It stars FKA Twigs as the glum inhabitant of a somewhat cramped apartment, who is able to burst out of its walls through the power of her imagination bolstered by a choice track selected by HomePod’s Siri. This is conveyed through her choreographed dance routine as well as some typically next-level special effects and visual ideas from Jonze. Check it out, even if you don’t care about Apple stuff:


In case you’re curious, the song featured in “Welcome Home” is “Til It’s Over,” a new track from Anderson .Paak. But I wouldn’t count on getting this same effect if you play it in your house.

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