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‘We Love Sweat’: New Gatorade Ad Narrated by Michael Jordan (Video)

by Joseph
We Love Sweat

We Love Sweat

Gatorade has long associations with both basketball legend Michael Jordan and bodily fluid sweat, and their latest commercial is a strong convergence of those two entities, titled We Love Sweat. And I should warn any squeamish readers that it doesn’t mean “sweat” figuratively, and that the commercial really does have a whole lot of sweat in it.

We Love Sweat is narrated by Michael Jordan, who gives a spirited defense of the stuff that seeps out our pores, with assists from Serena Williams, JJ Watt, Usain Bolt, and Olympic volleyball player April Ross, as well as a bunch of high school athletes, all sweating and drinking Gatorade like the pros.

You can watch the new Gatorade We Love Sweat commercial for yourself below these words, and if that gets you pumped but you don’t have time to hit the gym, maybe you want to check out Gatorade’s official site here instead.

Here’s the sweaty commercial in question:


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