Home Tech & Gear ‘We Destroyed the Apple Watch’: CNET Performs Smartwatch Stress Test (Video)

‘We Destroyed the Apple Watch’: CNET Performs Smartwatch Stress Test (Video)

by Joseph
We Destroyed the Apple Watch

We Destroyed the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch finally made its way into the public’s hot greedy hands recently, and most of the watch’s owners probably cherished theirs like they would a small child or bird. But the people at CNET made the decision that tough love was more appropriate, so they put it through a fairly comprehensive stress test, or as they more simply put it, We Destroyed the Apple Watch.

And when they say We Destroyed the Apple Watch, they mean it quite literally, but not before an impressive array of potentially destructive forces fail to make so much as a scratch on the Apple Watch’s screen.  There’s a water submersion test, a cheese grater test, and a wine/Nutella/maple syrup test, all of which show no outward signs of bothering the Apple Watch’s functions at all. Finally, a seven-pound cast iron skillet does what all that other stuff couldn’t, and reduce’s the Apple Watch’s screen to a sad crumble.

You can watch CNET and their video We Destroyed the Apple Watch below.  And if you’re an Apple Watch user, try not to smash your new gadget with any cast iron skillets – just to be safe.

Here’s the video:

If you’re not an Apple Watch owner, you might want to check out the product’s official site right here.

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