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‘We Beefin?’: A Mixtape from Wendy’s (Audio)

by Joseph
We Beefin?

We Beefin?

You might be unaware of this, but fast food burger chain Wendy’s has cultivated a certain social media persona based largely on insulting its competitors and even sometimes its own customers. That’s the important but probably not vital context for We Beefin?, a very real hip hop mixtape put out by the restaurant.

Wendy’s is not the first junk food brand to put out a surprisingly good mixtape — Hamburger Helper was there first. But We Beefin? is still entertaining enough to be worth a listen, especially if you relish authentic rap disses against Shake Shack and McDonald’s.

We Beefin? is available now at all the major streaming platforms, including Spotify below. And I’m skeptical about this happening, but just in case you want to stay alerted to any further mixtape releases from Wendy’s, head to the chain’s Spotify artist page right here.


The answer to the titular question of We Beefinappears to be … yes.

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