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We Are Venom: Site Lets You Get Your Own Symbiote

by Joseph
We Are Venom

We Are Venom

I’m not a Spider-Man scholar but I’m pretty sure it’s actually not a good thing to be be enmeshed with the alien symbiote that created Venom. You never get any sleep, you lose big chunks of time that you can’t account for, and, worst case scenario, the entity bonds with your consciousness and forms a new personality that replaces your current one. That being said, the promotional department for the upcoming film Venom has nevertheless come up with a way for everyone to get their own symbiote: A website called We Are Venom. 

We Are Venom lets you submit your own selfie that can then be converted to a stylish half-Venom, half-you image just like the poster seen above. Then you can, I dunno, put it up on Facebook or whatever.

Check out We Are Venom right here. And if my prediction isn’t wrong, stay tuned for We Are Carnage sometime after 2020.

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