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Wavegrower: Hypnotic Animated GIFs Based on Mathematical Concepts

by Joseph


I was never much of a math whiz, and most of the time I feel OK about it. But a new project from French animator Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure is giving me a little bit of FOMOOMRS – Fear Of Missing Out On Mathematics-Related Stuff – and luckily for me Wavegrower is pretty visually stimulating even if you don’t understand any of the mathematical concepts behind these hypnotic animated GIFs.

Here’s Vayssouze-Faure himself on Wavegrower, which recently branched out into a new incarnation on Tumblr:

“[Wavegrower] is a branch of the wavegrower project in which I’m focused on combining minimalism and multitude to create dynamic artworks with more than one level of reading, the first being that every cell constituting them has its own simple periodic motion, meaning regularly looping by spinning or twisting or stretching or balancing or revolving or swinging or shaking or beating or vibrating, in a word : oscillating.”

Well, it just doesn’t get any clearer than that, does it? It might be simpler for you to just check out the Wavegrower Tumblr page right here and see these GIFs for yourself.

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