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Wave Coffee Table: Inspired by ‘Inception’

by Joseph
Wave Coffee Table

Wave Coffee Table

Remember that scene in Inception when an entire city skyline gets impossibly folded up over itself? If you were a typical viewer, you would have seen this, thought “cool,” to yourself, and then continued on with your life. But if you’re designer Stelios Mousarris, you decided to make a coffee table inspired by the sequence, and the result is the Wave Coffee Table.

The Wave Coffee Table is constructed from wood and steel, using new 3D printing techniques. And despite its somewhat tenuous appearance, Mousarris assures us that each table has been properly weighted so it won’t tip over or break (unlike your dreams).

Of course, given how expensive a Wave Coffee Table is, it might as well be a dream unless you’re looking to drop some serious coin on a coffee table based on a reasonably well-liked film of the recent past. If so, or if you just want to get some more info on the table, you can check it out at Mousarris’ official site right here.

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