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The Waterproof Xperia ZR Android Phone From Sony

by Joseph
Sony Xperia ZR

Sony Xperia ZR

You stumble home drunk at 2 AM and before you know it your phone is in the toilet, literally. You didn’t mean to do it, but now your phone is, in all probability, ruined. ┬áNot, however, if you’re in the near future and an owner of the Sony Xperia ZR.

The Xperia ZR can’t help you with the drunkenness part of that scenario, but the other part is under control, thanks to the fact that it’s completely waterproof. For up to 30 minutes, the Xperia ZR can be submerged in up to five feet of water without sustaining any damage. This functionality isn’t just good for accidents, either. ┬áThe Android’s 13-megapixel camera can be used to capture unprecedented underwater photos and video.

Release details are still to come, but the waterproof Sony Xperia ZR is expected to see a worldwide release very soon. You can see a more complete rundown of the phone’s features here.

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