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Water Vacuum by 250 Design Keeps Sneakers Fresh

by Joseph
Water Vacuum

Water Vacuum

Unless you’re one of those creeps that stores their sneakers in hyperbaric chambers, moisture is eventually going to take its toll on your kicks. But there’s now a way to hold back that particular wet horde without sacrificing your shoes to some moisture-free environment – the Water Vacuum from 250 Design.

The Water Vacuum is an electricity-free de-humidification system that’s engineered to fit snugly into your sneakers for a day or two every two weeks. You just place them inside (as you can see in the photo up at the top), put the sneakers in a sunny, dry spot, and voila, the toxic effects of moisture have been slowed to a pitiful crawl.

You can place an order for your own Water Vacuum set at 250 Design’s Korean online store right here, where prices start at about $20 American. Your feet will thank you, your sneakers will thank you, and your sneakerhead friends will thank you.


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