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Water Slide Failure Caught on Camera (Video)

by Joseph
Water Slide Failure

Water Slide Failure

The next time you’re at some guy’s house and he asks you if you want to try out his water slide, let this video be a warning that not all such slides are created equal. An incident which for SEO purposes I can only describe as a severe water slide failure was captured on camera from the home of a resident on Austin‘s Lake Travis, and you can now enjoy it safe in the knowledge that the guy in the video was not seriously injured.

You don’t really hear about people flying off of water slides at amusement parks open to the public, presumably because safety regulations and construction standards ensure that such a thing is unlikely. But at this water slide that some guy built in his backyard, the potential for a water slide failure becomes much more marked.

You can watch the proof at James Salmon’s Facebook post here, in glorious slow motion. I have purposely not spoiled the specifics of this particular water slide failure in order to preserve the experience of watching it, but suffice it to say you should be very careful out there this summer.

More details on the video can be found right here.

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