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Watchville: An App for Watch Enthusiasts

by Joseph


Watch collectors are a pretty select group, catered to by an equally select number of brands and pretty much ignored by all other aspects of mainstream culture. But now there’s an app for this sadly oppressed minority – Watchville, which aims to provide watch-heads with up-to-date watch news updates as well as time-related tools like an atomic clock, moon phase tool, and more.

These features allow Watchville users to make sure the luxury timepiece on their wrists are as accurate as they are stylish, which is only reasonable considering the amount of money they paid for them. But they won’t have to pay a hot red cent for the app itself, which is currently free at the Apple App Store now.

You can get some more information on Watchville, as well as links to download it from the App Store, at the official Watchville website here. And remember, keep watching the skies.

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