Home Entertainment ‘Watch the Stove’: The Hamburger Helper Glove Releases Mixtape (Audio)

‘Watch the Stove’: The Hamburger Helper Glove Releases Mixtape (Audio)

by Joseph
Watch the Stove

Watch the Stove

The Hamburger Helper Glove has survived decades of being one of the least-loved advertising mascots in the world, but its hour of redemption finally arrived on April 1st, when the somehow-not-an-April-Fool’s-Day-joke mixtape Watch the Stove was released to the delight of everyone who listened to it.

That’s not a joke.  The Hamburger Helper mixtape is not only real, but contrary to all known laws of the universe it’s actually pretty good. It’s also the impetus for me (and, I assume, a lot of other people) to learn that the Hamburger Helper Glove’s name is really “Lefty.” And that he’s got bars in addition to pasta and powdered cheese.

You can find information on the personnel involved in the creation of Watch the Stove at Billboard here, but I prefer to maintain the illusion that the whole thing is actually Lefty’s work. You can listen to it below, but it may create some powerful Cheeseburger Macaroni cravings that can only be satisfied one way:

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