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Wasteland Weekend 2016 Highlights Released

by Joseph
Wasteland Weekend 2016

Wasteland Weekend 2016

Unfortunately, if you’re just now finding out about Wasteland Weekend 2016, that means you already missed it. But the weekend festival devoted to the hardest-core Mad Max obsessives had another shiny chrome year, and photos from the event have been released on its official site.

Wasteland Weekend 2016 was home to the Thunderdome vehicle contest, as well as a variety of off-the-wall performances.  And best of all, no one got crushed under the War Rig’s wheels.

If you weren’t able to make to the event, or you’re one of those lightweights who’d rather live on Pandora than a post-apocalyptic hellscape, you can check out the aforementioned photos and get a jump on next year’s Wasteland Weekend.

You can do that at the Wasteland Weekend website, where photos from Wasteland Weekend 2016 can be found, right here. And good news for any UK war boys reading this: There’s an event in your neck of the woods planned for the near future.

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