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Washable Keyboard K310 From Logitech

by Joseph


Keyboards can often double as filth-traps – there’s something about those keys that allow them to act as a magnet for dust, hair, and debris. And getting it cleaned up is usually a pain in the you-know-what…until now, that is.

The K310 Washable Keyboard from Logitech does everything a USB keyboard is supposed to do, but with one bonus feature: It can withstand being submerged in up to 11 inches of water.

That means you can get rid of that grit and grime the old fashioned way; by running it under some water in your sink, much like you would do with your dishes. As long as you keep the USB connector dry while you wash, you’re good to go.

The cleanest keyboard of your computing career is expected to be available at the Logitech website in the very near future, for a reasonable price of approximately $40.

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