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Warren Lotas: Designer Giving Away Bootleg H&M Shirts Outside H&M

by Joseph
Warren Lotas

Warren Lotas

Many followers of the fashion industry have expressed discontent with H&M‘s business practices, particularly towards creatives. Designer Warren Lotas is one of them, and he’s going beyond the field of angry internet comments to express himself, as he’s giving away some bootleg H&M t-shirts of his own design outside an actual H&M store in Los Angeles.

Lotas made the announcement via Instagram, and the caption of his post makes clear his reasons for the project:

“TOMORROW I will be GIVING AWAY 60 pieces of the FIRST EVER H&M bootleg in front of H&M at The Beverly Center at 6PM. They think they can bootleg small designers, so I figured I’d return the favor”

The t-shirts are emblazoned with a dark, violent graphic featuring the H&M logo alongside Warren Lotas’ signature skill motif, along with the slogan “Don’t Let Your Tongue Get Your Teeth Shot Out,” certainly not something you’re likely to see at your local H&M anytime soon.

Unless, of course, your local H&M is the one at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles, in which case you can try to pick up your Warren Lotas t-shirt tonight at 6 PM Pacific. And you can see the original post announcing the giveaway on Instagram right here.

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