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‘#WarGames’: Interactive TV Series Gets Teaser (Video)

by Joseph


You’re probably familiar with the 1983 film WarGames, in which Matthew Broderick saves the world from nuclear annihilation by playing a game with a military supercomputer. This premise makes the movie a natural fit for a remake in the nascent era of interactive TV, which is why the new version has itself a brand new hashtag in the title: #WarGames.

The first season of #WarGames is coming to various platforms in a couple of weeks, and there’s a trailer online in advance of that occasion. It gives viewers/players a glimpse at what the program’s interface will be like, and also comes with the somewhat disturbing tagline of “the show that watches you.”

Be that as it may, you’re the one who can watch the teaser for #WarGames below. And find the show on the Eko app (where you can also find other interactive video programs), Vudu, and Steam on March 14th.

Here’s the trailer:

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