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Walter White 1/6th Scale Action Figure is Scarily Realistic

by Joseph
Walter White Action Figure

Walter White Action Figure

Of all the TV characters you might want to shrink down to 1/6th scale and keep with you at all times, Breaking Bad‘s Walter White is probably near the bottom. And yet, why do I get the feeling that this upcoming Heisenberg figure from Hong Kong’s Threezero is going to sell almost as well as White’s Blue Sky crystal meth?

Threezero’s Walter White action figure goes three or four quantum leaps beyond the usual GI Joe figure design in the way of detailed realism. Even in the photo above, you can see the lovingly rendered forehead wrinkles, the scowl that was perfected by Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of the character, and all those beautiful accessories.

This 12-inch Walter White action figure will be available later this month with a price tag of $150, and it will reportedly be part of an entire series of Breaking Bad action figures from Threezero. If you’re interested in securing one for your classroom or meth lab, keep your eyes on the official Threezero online store here.

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