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‘Wall Scrabble’: Wall-Sized Word Game From Restoration Hardware

by Joseph
Wall Scrabble

Seeing as it’s one of the most famous and iconic board games ever made, it’s safe to say that pretty much everyone reading this is familiar with Scrabble. But maybe you’ve grown bored with the conventionally-sized version that everyone knows and loves, and want to move onto the next step. Enter Wall Scrabble by Restoration Hardware, a version of the game that blows up every aspect of the classic 1949 iteration to a size that hangs on the wall rather than sitting on a table – even the pouch that the tiles (held in place on the board by magnets) come in.

Wall Scrabble sports the impressive dimensions of 80″W x 3″D x 59″H and comes with an attached chalkboard for keeping score, but other than that it looks just like the original 1949 version of Scrabble. If you’re in a prankish mood, you might use Wall Scrabble to convince an elderly relative that he or she has been shrunken down to an impossibly small size this Christmas.

That bit of fun, or any bit of fun that involves Wall Scrabble, will cost you a little under $1,500 at the Restoration Hardware online store here. You can also see a couple photos of the game in the gallery below.


Wall ScrabbleWall Scrabble

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