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WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp From Feltmark

by Joseph
WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp

WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp

For a light fixture that’s starkly minimalist while also 100% distinctive, Feltmark has a premium-quality lamp that would give a unique vibe to any living or work space. It’s the WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp, recently upgraded in a 2.0 model, that looks like nothing else out there.

One of the reasons the WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp looks so distinctive is that its 34 inches are all in one fluid shape – the plug that connects to the wall flows right into the stand which leads right up into the light, with no extraneous shapes or parts. And the recently unveiled model 2.0 has a dimmer function that gives you a high level of precision control over your desired light levels.

But the real selling point for the WALD HI·LO Plug Lamp can be seen in its unique visual design in the photo up at the top. If you like what you see you can order yours at the Feltmark online store here, where the lamp is priced at just under $160.


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