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VSSL Flask Light: A Flashlight That Also Holds Alcohol

by Joseph
VSSL Flask Light

VSSL Flask Light

Just when I thought I’d seen all the best mashups technology has to offer, I run across the VSSL Flask Light, a flashlight that┬áputs two of man’s most basic needs together in one sleek package: Light and alcohol. And even though it might have been developed just because the words “flask” and “flash” are just one letter removed from each other, it’s easy to imagine the usefulness of such a product.

And I’m not alone, given that the VSSL Flask Light has already nearly reached its $19,810 fundraising goal on Kickstarter with nearly a month left to go. But that’s no surprise – people need flashlights, and people need alcohol, so the only surprise here is that something like this wasn’t developed a long time ago.

You can check out that Kickstarter page here, where you can pre-order your own VSSL Flask Light for around $56, and shipments are expected to start in July. Until then, you’ll have to keep a flashlight and a flask handy at all times, but take heart, because those days will be over soon.

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