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Vozz Helmets: A New Kind of Motorcycle Helmet

by Joseph
Vozz Helmets

Vozz Helmets

If you ride a motorcycle, there’s really no valid excuse not to wear a helmet. But, there are a few quasi-valid reasons: They don’t look cool, they’re a pain to put on, you have to take off your glasses when you put it on, etc etc etc. But Vozz Helmets eliminates these qualms and many more thanks to their novel hinged design.

Instead of being put on like a traditional helmet, Vozz Helmets are hinged in half which lets you put it on from the front, much more intuitive than the conventional helmet design. They’re also customizable to the size of your own head, another serious advantage over regular helmets. Plus, they’re street legal and compliant with helmet laws in most parts of the world.

You can get more information on Vozz Helmets, plus details on where they might be available for purchase near you, at the brand’s official site right here.

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