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Vote Monopoly: Vote on the Next ‘Monopoly’ Tokens

by Joseph
Vote Monopoly

Vote Monopoly

Shoe. Top Hat. Racecar. TURTLE?? That’s right, the folks at Hasbro are once again trying to update their classic board game Monopoly, and this time they need the help of us, the voting public. On a new website Vote Monopoly, you can select eight new possible tokens from a whole mansion full of them—and yes, one of them is a turtle.

I won’t spoil what your other choices are for Vote Monopoly, because the whole point of the enterprise is navigating through a mansion (Mr. Monopoly’s?) and selecting your favorites, but I will say there is a hashtag one—welcome to the 21st century, Monopoly. And you can see a few more in the photo up at the top.

You can Vote Monopoly at the promotion’s website right here.  And unlike the United States’ recent presidential election, it’s perfectly acceptable and even encouraged for you to vote more than once. So get out there, get involved, get engaged, and remember to vote Turtle!

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