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Vortx: Feel the Elements from TV, Movies, and Video Games

by Joseph


4D effects: They aren’t exclusively the province of weird tourist attractions in towns like Gatlinburg or San Antonio anymore. Now, there’s Vortx, a gadget that you can hook up to your TV or computer in order to feel on-screen elements – like wind and fire – inside the comfort of your own home, which presumably is not in the middle of gale force winds or on fire.

Vortx analyzes whatever’s on your screen – be it video games, movies, or TV – and does its best to duplicate what’s happening with its own Environmental Experience technology. Heat, cold, centrifugal force, bullets whizzing by your head in combat, it’s all purportedly possible with Vortx.

Not as many people as you might think are interested in being as uncomfortable as the heroes of their favorite video games and movies, as Vortx currently only has about half the money it needs to hit its fundraising goal on Kickstarter. But you can get more information on the device here, and you’ve got another two weeks to help push it over that threshold.

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