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‘Voltron’ Reboot Coming to Netflix Screens

by Joseph


Netflix recently announced a massive slate of new original programming stemming from the company’s partnership with DreamWorks, and one of the most intriguing shows coming to the service to nostalgia-addled thirty-somethings would have to be a reboot of the 1980s classic Voltron.

For those of you for whom the 80s were a vague, infantile blur, Voltron is an animated TV series about a giant robot who fights other robots, or something (I mostly know it from Wu-Tang Clan references, but I’m sure Wikipedia will have you more than covered if you need more information). The show is obviously exciting news for fans, although it doesn’t bode well for the long-rumored live-action big-screen version of the franchise’s near-future hopes.

Oh well, Voltron fans will just have to deal with a new TV show to help them get over the lack of a movie, and it’s set to hit Netflix accounts all over the known universe sometime this year.

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