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‘Voltron’ Blazing Sword Replica Created by Man At Arms (Video)

by Joseph
Voltron Blazing Sword

Voltron Blazing Sword

There’s a new Voltron series out now on Netflix, and it’s my impression that it’s actually pretty good. That, evidently, is as good an excuse as any for the people behind the Man At Arms YouTube project to replicate, somehow, the famous Voltron Blazing Sword in real life.

Now, of course, the primary and most immediately identifiable difference between the Voltron Blazing Sword and the Man At Arms Blazing Sword is size: Where any weapon wielded by Voltron has obviously got to be almost unimaginably huge, this replica has been scaled down to human-friendly size. Although “friendly” may not be quite the proper term, since this sword does shoot flames just like the one from the cartoon.

You can see the Voltron Blazing Sword replica being made in the video below. And for more stuff from Man At Arms and other AWE me projects, check out the AWE me YouTube channel right here.


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