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Volkswagen Aqua Concept Hovercraft (Photos And Video)

by Joseph
Volkswagen Aqua
Volkswagen AquaVolkswagen AquaVolkswagen AquaVolkswagen Aqua

Yuhan Zhang, 21, has conceived one of the coolest concept vehicles I’ve seen in a long time. It’s called the Volkswagen Aqua, and I use the phrase “concept vehicle” rather than “concept car” because the Aqua is a hovercraft that was designed as a unique solution to the variety of difficult terrains found in Zhang’s native China.

The Aqua concept is already getting a lot of attention, and it was even included on the shortlist of nominees at the Chinese CDN Car Design Awards.  But its futuristic design isn’t just cosmetic: The Aqua concept includes technical specifications, such as a five-engine system (one primary hydrogen cell motor and five separate engines for the rear fans) that creates a cushion of air for the Volkswagen Aqua to hover upon…if the Volkswagen Aqua ever made it into production, of course.

Until that happens, you’ll have to be content with simply imagining the Volkswagon Aqua hovering, which might be easier if you look at the gallery above or check out the video about the hovercraft below.

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